Cabel’s long years of tried and tested experience make it a transparent, efficient and reliable partner.
Thanks to its capacity to rapidly identify critical business areas, Cabel is able to focus on achieving flexible, adaptable services and processes so as to trigger a stable and incremental improvement in the enhancement of human capital, quality management and company performance.

With activities directed towards the business environment, Cabel’s aim is to support and strengthen banking governance as regards both decision-making processes and the internal control system, while constantly monitoring credit, financial and operational risks.


Through Meta S.r.l., Cabel offers a range of services, such as legal audits, full outsourcing, organizational consultancy of corporate control functions, internal audit compliance, anti-money laundering and risk management for banks and financial intermediaries. Meta is also at the forefront in the search for advanced control solutions, e.g. “big data” analysis, objective risk measurement and profiling, risk analysis & alerting solutions, and repository of standardized information relative to risk events


Cabel offers strategic consulting and other services aimed at improving bank
governance, including advisory activities at different levels, internal auditing,
compliance e Risk Management. The activities proposed promote the use of various tools, such as: directional dashboards, reporting systems, specific and impactful organizational analysis.


Cabel customers can avail themselves of a range of fiduciary services for the administration and protection of assets, which are provided by the subsidiary WIDAR Eurofid S.p.A., a company specialized in the fiduciary entrustment of property and assets. It operates independently of the banking and financial system, with a view to ensuring high levels of professionalism and discretion.


Training activities are essential for maintaining market competiveness. Cabel’s training programmes are based on learning paths focused both on technical aspects and aspects related to transversal competences. Customers can choose to attend multi-company Training Courses, which take place in the same classroom, or activate “tailor made” project-based learning paths, held at the applicant’s own headquarters and developed according to one’s specific needs.


Through this solution, Cabel intends to deliver to its customers a wealth of information, essential for managing human resources in a conscious way while pursuing excellence. It is suitable for both internal candidates (potential evaluation) and external candidates, and enables to accurately plan demands and careers. The solution enables to assess costs for selecting and managing human resources with greater accuracy.


Cabel makes it a priority to provide its customers with medium/long-term support within the H.R. ambit, to help them become more acquainted with their human resources’ organizational culture and assist them in pursuing and reaching their goals, while providing support throughout the management development process. Cabel performs an organizational analysis that enables to measure H.R. potentials by means of role construction, study of profiles, mapping of competences and identification of formative gaps. It also identifies the organizational assets to be pursued as well as the diagnosis and monitoring tools aimed at H.R. development.

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