The purpose of the Cabel model is to help Credit and Financial Institutions build productive economies, mitigate risks and drive innovation in banking services through strategic, managerial and organizational consultancy. All this forms a particular dichotomy, where, on the one hand, Cabel

plays the role of innovator in the digital evolution of the banking world, thanks to the use of advanced technologies and processes, and on the other hand, the role of facilitator of the professional growth of Human Resources, through the offer of dedicated programmes aimed at valorizing both the physical and human capital.



Cabel Holding S.p.A. holds shares in the group companies and is the parent company of various controlled undertakings.


Cabel Holding represents a point of coordination and impetus for the dissemination of the businesses’ strategic and operational lines and assist shareholders and third parties in optimizing the same.

In addition to these strategic and guidance activities, Cabel Holding promotes, organizes and manages training courses aimed at professional growth and qualification, and oversees the training paths designed for all levels of responsibility.


Holder of an ISO 9001: 2015 certificate, Cabel Holding carries out consultancy activities, relating, in particular, to the planning and management of training programmes aimed at obtaining public funding. The company also provides support for the research, selection and evaluation of Human Resources.


Board of Directors

Collegio Sindacale

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