Cabel IP S.p.A. stems from the desire of the entire Cabel group to anticipate new business frontiers and accompany the evolution of the payment eco-system through an industrial development model that puts technological innovation first.


Cabel IP presents itself to the market as a qualified interlocutor in the field of monetics and payment systems.

It also confirms its role as innovator in the digital transformation of the financial sector, thanks to the introduction of new systems and processes aimed at the incorporation and development of the innovations introduced, among the others things, by the European PSD2 directive.


Cabel IP is a payment institution that provides specialist support to payment and collection services targeted to the Public Administration, as well as businesses, merchants and individuals.



A financial instrument to aid the collection and execution of payment transactions.
Specifically designed for retail and corporate customers, it has the same features of a current account and is easy to use.


International c-less debit card linked to the payment account that enables users to operate on multiple channels (web, abroad) under high security standards. It includes a range of services and add-ons dedicated to both private and business customers.


Thanks to MiTO and MiTO Mobile Internet Banking,

payment accounts are available to users at all times. A simple, streamlined solution for managing family budgets, and highly flexible for business customers who have access to a wide range of additional srveices.


Professional services, including massive payments, payment arrangements and market place creation, targeted to enterprises and institutions.

Integrated multi-channel communication, operational support for Electronic Invoice management, RFID and mass transactional printing.


Board of Directors

Board of Statutory Auditors

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