Cabel Leasing S.p.A. is a specialized player in the financial leasing sector. It proposes financial leasing solutions for both movable assets (vehicles, capital goods and boats) and real estate (offices, buildings for artisan/industrial use, either existing or yet to be built).

Its competitive advantage is based on the great professionalism and flexibility of its operational structure, combined with the possibility to tailor each product to the customer’s needs.

This leasing product is available at all user bank branches and is entirely managed by the same through extremely streamlined procedures during the acquisition, investigation and resolution stages, based on an operating agreement with the company.



CABEL Leasing S.p.A. is conceived and managed as a complementary banking operations tool for the acquisition of new customers and the consolidation of existing relationships.

It offers the opportunity to acquire, through a finance lease, capital goods and property assets that are able to meet all types of customer demands.

A wide and complete range of products targeted to professionals and small/medium-sized enterprises.

Real Estate: Cabel Leasing offers the ideal financing solution for property destined for professional, industrial or commercial use, in particular, existing property or property that is yet to be built or restored, while making assets available to customers in a short time.

Instrumental: Cabel Leasing offers solutions tailored to the specific needs of entrepreneurs, in particular, the availability of capital goods (machinery, plants and equipment) needed for developing their businesses in a short time.

Targeted: thanks to Cabel Leasing’s experience in the automotive sector, it can guarantee streamlined operating processes and full support for the entire duration of the contract.

Nautical: Cabel Leasing provides a fast and convenient tool for the purchase of boats. Thanks to various VAT tax incentives and constant customer assistance, the company is able to offer a range of specific benefits for private customers, companies and charter companies.


Board of Directors

Board of Statutory Auditors

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