Banca Galileo SpA

Valorizing human resources is an organization’s core business


Human resources are a key element of an organization, even more so for banks and financial intermediaries who see their success as closely linked to the ability to transmit trust to their customers.

High skills, professionalism and properly managed relationships, both within its own organization and with its customers, is the foundation on which Banca Galileo, in collaboration with Cabel, is currently building an important process, which is focused on the continuous development of its team through ongoing assistance and dedicated training programmes.


The process entails support, consultancy and tailored training programmes and is aimed at supporting General Management in administering its human resources. It was developed based on the bank’s demand after defining the objectives to be achieved over time.

Screening interviews with human resources to evaluate their potential enabled the company to focus on the entire eco-system of reference. The next steps were focused on outlining communication channels and management methods, with particular emphasis on “Middle Management”, the drive chain of business goals and the periodic evaluation of the results achieved.


The project enabled to fine-tune a structure that was already oriented towards excellence, and brought to light specific formational needs related to technical issues and transversal skills.

In particular, the latter were the subject of interest of “Middle Management”, with a view to facilitate business growth in order to face the new challenges posed by the market, while preserving flexibility, a feature that enabled the bank to achieve the well-known positive results.

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