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The management of human resources as a major development asset


The Customer’s management philosophy was aimed at seeking “Entry Point” operators with an “open and versatile” attitudinal profile. The growth potential was considered a decisive and determinant factor in selecting candidates, even more than the immediate overlap between the research profile and the candidate’s profile.

The Customer was searching for candidates with adaptive and proactive capacities so as to include them in a dynamic context where their attitudes could be expressed at best, through various opportunities, such as experience in synergy and proper role/task rotation. The Customer asked Cabel Holding to deal with the relative logistics aspects aswell.

Cabel Holding’s scientific approach in dealing with the feedback obtained from the selection process enabled it to make appropriate and measurable assessments on the prospective candidate’s current and potential skills.


Cabel Holding, in collaboration with its customer, initiated the project by jointly defining the job description (actions, activities and main tasks to be carried out foreseen by the position) and the job profile, consisting of the overall theoretical knowledge required of the candidate (“knowledge” area), previous experiences (“ability to do” area) and attitudes, behaviours, qualities (“ability to be” area).
During the next phase, the candidates’ eligibility was verified by analysing their C.V.s against the customer’s selection criteria. After that, a pre-selection was carried out through a tried and tested procedure and the use of professional screening tools, which resulted in the identification of a group of twenty-five candidates, eligible for the next phase involving the selection and evaluation of skills and potentials.

During such phase, the candidates underwent a series of assessment tests (communication and assertiveness), as well as the MSCEIT psycho-aptitude test, i.e., an emotional intelligence test based on individual performance aimed at objectively assessing the modes through which individuals are able to fully exploit their own emotional abilities.


At the end of the process, a shortlist of candidates was drawn up, including all the individual reports (which were returned to the client) containing the candidates’ descriptive profiles (consistency with the role profile) along with a profile indicating the candidates’ improvement areas and their development potential and attitudes (to be maximized through appropriate career planning, job rotation and targeted training courses).

• 470 C.V.s analyzed;
• 141 candidates eligible for pre-selection;
• 77 pre-selected candidates;
• 25 selected candidates and restitution of their individual reports to the customer.

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