I.e.S. S.p.A. – Informatica e Servizi Interbancari Sammarinesi (San Marino Information Technology and Interbanking Services)
was established as an expansion of the IT department of the San Marino Banking Institution, known today as Banca Centrale della Repubblica di San Marino (Central Bank of the Republic of San Marino). As of today, the majority of the share capital is held by CABEL Holding S.p.A. The remainder instead is owned by the State Autonomous Company for Public Services (Republic of San Marino), a company engaged among the other things, in the distribution of electricity, water and gas, the management of sewage systems, the expansion of

networks and their ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, and lastly, urban hygiene and transportation.
I.e.S. operates as a technical manager for the San Marino interbanking network (R.I.S.), giving its contribution to numerous public and private projects and adding new areas to traditional IT services for the foregoing San Marino banking system. I.e.S. has also gained advanced expertise in the development of software, applications and web sites.



Design and implementation of IT infrastructure (hardware and software); system support; Unix operating systems (Linux and Solaris) and Windows; security; server consolidation; business continuity; support for database system applications, web servers, e-mail services and application servers.


Outsourcing allows customers to focus on their core business without wasting time and resources for managing the hardware and applications needed to achieve their corporate mission. In this respect, I.e.S. services include: full outsourcing, system outsourcing, application outsourcing, facility management, hosting and housing.


Design and implementation of networking solutions

with particular focus on data security issues.


The security and protection of the information stored on a company’s IT system is a fundamental issue. The violation, damage or loss of data can be detrimental in organizational, functional and economic terms. Integrated backup systems, disaster recovery, anti-spam and anti-virus systems both at the local and the network level are foreseen.


I.e.S. provides advanced professional consultancy both in the pre and post-sale areas. In this way, customers are taken care right from the start of the selection phase as regards the activities to be undertaken, up to the conclusion of the project itself, with training courses specifically addressed to staff members.


Board of Directors

Board of Statutory Auditors

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