The mission of Invest Italy SIM can be ideally depicted as a sort of bridge between capital markets and small/medium-sized enterprises. In fact, the company’s main focus is on Italian industrial and services SMEs in need of resources to finance their investments, growth and internationalization, and as such, represent a demand for high-quality extraordinary operations (equity, debt and M & A).
A specialized network of qualified professional investors devoted to providing extraordinary financing sources through high value-added operations, starting from PIR funds, for which Italian SMEs constitute an asset class capable of producing real extra returns.


Invest Italy SIM has developed a wide range of Investment Banking services mostly focused on small and mid-cap Italian companies with an aim to supporting their growth and facilitating their market access and performance through the following activities: risk capital research, listing on the stock exchange, consultancy for acquisitions and structuring of debt capital collection instruments.

It should be noted that the development of SMEs is a key element of the Italian economy and as such, facilitating the interaction of small/medium-sized enterprises with the financial market is pivotal.






– M&A: advisory in extraordinary and strategic finance– ECM: in extraordinary and strategic finance, not contextual to market transactions
– DCM: structuring and issuance of alternative debt instruments
(mini-bonds, convertibles and project bonds).
– Placement of Equity and Debt on capital markets.




Invest Italy SIM supports the growth of its client companies thanks to an innovative operating model, advanced and specialized professional consultancy and a complete, flexible offer of capital operations.



The team, which has a consolidated track record, is able to provide an interface with specialized funds and alternative collection tools. In this respect, Invest Italy SIM supplies the following services to both companies and the market:

  • business / budget analysis, financial planning, partner research, support in drawing up business plans, consultancy on acquisitions / transfer of shares of unlisted companies.
  • assistance in carrying out extraordinary transactions (acquisitions, capital increases, takeover bids) and financial disclosure.

  • advisory on the quotation process involving supervision / coordination of all preparatory activities, from the first feasibility analysis up to the implementation of the activities, assistance in relationships with the various counterparties (supervisory authorities, banks, lawyers, auditors, investors, etc).
  • advice on the most suitable debt structuring process for supporting the development plans of companies seeking financial resources (minibonds, convertible bonds and debentures).
  • definition of the debt’s main characteristics: technical form, total amount, rate, maturity, amortization profile, possibility of early repayment, offer period, any guarantees and / or “covenants” and presence/absence of ratings.
  • verification of the financial sustainability of a debt as opposed to the company’s cash flows.
  • coordination of the parties involved in the placement process: lawyers, advisors, etc.
  • investor profiling according to the provisions of the CONSOB Intermediaries Regulation.
  • placement of bond issues


Board of Directors

Board of Statutory Auditors

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