Modern and versatile

Cabel Pay is an international microchip debit card belonging to the MasterCard circuit. It is a rechargeable card linked to a payment account, capable of meeting the demands of customers who want a simple, inexpensive and easily manageable tool. In fact, Cabel Pay can be easily monitored through remote channels and its functions are customizable.

The card is integrated with the proprietary Internet banking platform “Mito” (geared towards retail customers) and “Mito & C. (designed for corporate customers).

Cabel Pay is a simple, flexible, convenient and secure payment service. It has an associated Iban and enables to perform basic current account transactions (e.g. credit transfers, direct salary crediting etc.), and has the classic features of a prepaid card.


Cabel Pay is an innovative payment tool, capable of exploiting the IT potential, improving transaction fluidity and supporting economic growth.


The Cabel Pay card is PSD2 compliant and enables inter alia:

  • the autonomous management of payment thresholds,
  • the management of all types of collection and payment methods (SEPA and non-SEPA),
  • the use of loyalty programs that provide cashback.

Cabel Pay is convenient

It has the same features as a current account, combined with an international card and an Internet Banking facility, with no stamp duty.

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